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Clean herbal energy with no caffeine crash.

Transform your cup of tea with Yaupon leaves.

Naturally caffeinated herbal tea with no tannins or bitterness.

Savor every smooth sip of Betsy's Yaupon Tea leaves anytime of day.

Steep, sip, and feel energized.

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No more jittery mornings or afternoon slumps.

You don't have to worry about upset stomach, inflammation, headaches, and tension from irritating caffeine sources like coffee.

Instead, savor clean herbal caffeine with Betsy's Yaupon Tea.

Enjoy Betsy's Yaupon Tea for a healthier mind and body.

Protect your brain and body with the anti-inflammatory power of polyphenols in every cup of Betsy's certified-organic Yaupon Tea.

  • Theobromine naturally lowers your blood pressure & improves your blood flow.

yau·pon /ˈyôpän/


North Americans have been enjoying the delicious flavor of the Yaupon Holly bush for centuries.

Named The Beloved Tree by Choctaw Native Americans, this native Holly tree of the southeastern United States has been a sign of friendship, energy, and purification for many years.

This is my new favorite. I have to limit my traditional caffeine sources (like coffee) because of migraines and inflammation. Betsy's Tea doesn't give me headaches. I pour the tea, let it steep a bit, and savor it while I do my deep think work. It really does clear my mind and help me focus. Try it! You will love the smooth taste!
- Erika Mosteller
This by far is the smoothest tea I have ever had! No bitterness or aftertaste. It’s amazing plain and phenomenal with a touch of sugar or lemon.
- Jonni Meredith
Betsy’s Yaupon tastes like a smooth, earthy green tea. I like it!
- Janet Kilgo
This dark roast tea is delightful, it reminds me of times on top of the mountains in Colorado. I highly recommend Betsy’s Yaupon Tea.
- Jake Mellott
I enjoy the tea, it has a smooth, bold taste. I usually put two tea bags in my cup but with Betsy’s Yaupon, one tea bag is enough for me!
-Tania Morales

Delicious on it's own or with lemon, milk, or a dash of sugar.

How to energize your day naturally:

The world's original clean caffeine drink

Savor the smooth taste of Yaupon, just like our forbears.

Yaupon Tea, also called “Black Drink” for its strong color, was once the most widely-consumed herbal caffeinated beverage in North America.

Since the early 1000s, nearly every Native American tribe has revered the power of Yaupon.

Betsy’s Yaupon Tea continues that tradition on our family farm in central Texas. We harvest this natural energy source from our farm to your tea cup so you can transform your day, naturally.

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We're changing the world, one cup of clean caffeine energy at a time.

Meet the Hime family. They know something about needing energy for their days: farming and entrepreneurship run in their blood.

The Himes love the smooth taste of Yaupon, the energizing effects, and the connection to Native American history.

Yaupon leaves have grown on their family farm for decades. After their dad, OT, perfected the roasting process in their cabin kitchen, they decided to share their love of Yaupon with the USA.

Now, every leaf of Betsy's Tea is sustainably farmed and certified organic from our tea barn (with the orange door!).

Put the kettle on, and love yourself (and the earth) with each cup of natural, delicious tea.

Put the kettle on.

Drink Betsy's Yaupon Tea for energy that lasts all day.

Bring your most energized self to the world each day without harsh caffeine side effects.